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Welcome to my website.  You’ll find a bit about who I am and my approach to therapy.  I wrote it based on what I wanted to know when I was looking for a therapist and what, as a therapist, I want you to know about how we might work together.  

My door is open to all who want to learn about themselves and heal and grow as they do.  Check out my site.  If you think we’d be a good fit, send me an email and we’ll schedule a session.

[Due to COVID-19, I am meeting clients only online via telehealth.  As circumstances improve, I will be discussing with clients individually how best to proceed.]

How we would work together…

My goal is for clients to live happier, healthier lives that they find satisfying and meaningful.  I use a relationship-driven approach to help clients process grief, anxiety, depression and trauma.  I work with them on deep character issues, to increase their understanding and acceptance of who they are, and to change when they feel it is necessary.  I help clients strengthen relationships, set boundaries and increase general life satisfaction.  

I work with adult individuals, couples and families.  I also do group work.  Sessions are weekly; I meet more often with clients who are in crisis or who want to work more intensely. 

Individual Therapy

I use a relationship-driven approach to help clients live genuinely happier, more meaningful and fulfilling lives, drawing on psychodynamic, humanistic, existential and other perspectives.  In therapy, the primary engine of growth is the relationship that develops between the client and the therapist.  I bring my genuine self to each client and try to create a space in which they can do the same.  

Introspection and insight, though important, are often insufficient for lasting change.  The key ingredient is how we respond to the heat – the energy, sometimes friction – created as we interact with the world and those around us.  I guide clients to use the heat to better know and accept themselves and their origins, and to build lives that are a genuine expression of who they are:  their values, desires, needs, gifts and quirks.  I help each client live a life that is truer to their authentic self.  Core aspects of this are further developing self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which leads to having more compassion for ourselves.  This frees us to develop and demonstrate empathy for others.  It also prepares us to identify and confront unresolved character issues, coming to terms with parts of ourselves we may have rejected because we are ashamed or afraid of them.  

Our growth allows us to live more powerfully.  We can be more present with those we love and set clearer boundaries with family and friends, which paradoxically allows us to share more of ourselves with them.  It energizes us as we pursue our goals in relationships, education, career, hobbies and dreams.  By better balancing our goals, we can live happier, healthier, less stressful lives.

Because my approach is relational, my practice is infused by my personality and life experience:  curiosity and humor; liking people and celebrating our tremendous diversity; many years travelling and working with foreign cultures; and my struggles to be a better son, brother, husband and father. 

Change is constant; we are always travelling.  Should you decide to work with me, I look forward to walking with you on this part of your journey.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard work.  Without the right tools, communication can turn negative or just grind to a halt.  This leads to distance and anger.  Once off track, it can be difficult for a couple to find their way back to the place of love and respect they once shared.  I help couples find their way home by increasing intimacy, hope and desire within the relationship.  

The hallmark of a healthy relationship is not lack of conflict, but rather the ability of the partners to confront themselves and each other when necessary, and to respectfully resolve the conflicts that inevitably arise.  I help each member of the couple confront themselves, taking responsibility for their part in the relationship.  This can create a healthier space in which to manage conflict and create new paths to reconnect.  

Couples are distinct.  One couple is doing well but wants a check-up.  Another has drifted apart without really meaning to.  A couple may be wrestling with finances, sex, having or raising children, or disparate life goals.  Or perhaps the couple is struggling in the wake of an affair. 

I work with couples at all stages of relationship, from new couples seeking pre-marital counseling, to established couples that want more intimacy, to couples that are ending their relationship.  I help them find new, healthier ways of relating that allow each member to feel more alive and clearer in themselves and in the couple.  If the resulting clarity leads to a decision to stay together, I help them find a stable path moving forward.  If they decide to separate, I help them do so in a way that minimizes conflict.  

I treat each couple as unique, incorporating aspects of my training in the Gottman Method and Imago Relationship Therapy, as well as the ideas of Esther Perel, David Schnarch and others.  I offer Discernment Counseling for couples in which one partner is considering divorce.

Group Therapy

I offer group therapy to clients wishing to speed healing and growth.  By group therapy, I do not mean a support group, but rather a more relational experience focused on the interpersonal issues that naturally arise within any group.  Groups generally include 6-8 clients, with weekly, 75-minute sessions.  Group work can yield profound personal growth, helping clients:

  • Experience and express emotional intimacy.
  • Find their voice in relationships across various settings.
  • Become more comfortable being seen by others.
  • Develop empathy for others and themselves.

The group serves as a place not merely to discuss relationships, but to experience them.  As we interact in the group, the ways that we struggle in relationships become manifest.  Over time, we learn more about dysfunctional patterns of relating and how to change them.  The group then provides a space in which to practice new ways of relating.  Group members get feedback from other members.  During the process, I work directly with clients to help them identify issues and develop more effective ways of relating to others. 

Starting Therapy

If you decide to make an appointment, our first task is to get to know one another — to connect and develop basic trust that we can build on.  These early sessions will help us get a sense of whether we are a good fit – mainly, do you think I can help you achieve your goals?  If we decide to work together, we’ll schedule weekly sessions.  If not, I’ll provide referrals to other therapists. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

To the full extent allowed by law, I maintain the confidentiality of all client records, disclosures and information presented in session.  The legal exceptions are: 

  • Suspected child abuse or dependent adult or elder abuse, which I am required by law to report immediately to the appropriate authorities.
  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person, I am required to notify the police and the intended victim.
  • If a client indicates in session a plan, intent and the means to harm themselves, I will make every effort to enlist their cooperation in ensuring their safety.  If they do not cooperate, to ensure their safety I will take measures that are allowed by law without their permission.
  • If a court orders me to produce client records, I am required to comply, but will do so narrowly to protect client confidentiality as much as possible.

Fees, Insurance and Cancellations

Fees My fees are as follows:

  • Individual Therapy:  $250 per 45-minute session / $335 per hour
  • Couples Therapy:  $250 per couple per 45-minute session / $335 per hour 
  • Group Therapy:  $150 per 75-minute session

Certain modes of treatment, such as Discernment Counselling, don’t involve 45- or 60-minute sessions.  Rates for these modes are pro-rated, based on my hourly rate.  I give clients advance notice via email or in session of fee increases, usually around January 1.  

Insurance As a licensed social worker, my psychotherapy services are eligible for some reimbursement from almost all insurance companies.  But I am not a “participating provider” with any insurance company.  I don’t accept Medicare or Medicaid; I don’t participate in managed care or any health insurance plan.  I will give you a monthly bill that you can submit to your insurance company to apply for reimbursement.

Cancellations If for any reason, you are unable to meet for your appointment, you are responsible for contacting me to cancel (or reschedule) at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time.  For individual, couples and family sessions, you will be charged if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice (or if we are unable to reschedule the session within the week).  As group therapy sessions cannot be rescheduled, fees apply whether or not you attend.

About Me

One of my core beliefs is that the greatest gift that any of us can give is our self.  To be fully present and genuine with someone is a profound display of respect and of trust in them and in ourselves.  The benefits are far-reaching in terms of developing actual intimacy that allows connection, healing and growth.  This is in large part why I describe my approach as relationship driven.  

My work reflects the totality of my life experience.  In a previous career, I spent years travelling around the world working with other cultures while practicing and teaching international trade law.  I’ve played or coached ultimate frisbee since 1979, an experience I carry in various ways in my body and soul.  I’m a husband and a father (also an experience I carry in various ways in my body and soul).  

I am a member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists, the National Association of Social Workers and the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work.  I hold an MSW with a clinical focus from the University of Maryland, Baltimore; a JD from the University of Chicago Law School; and a BA with majors in psychology, philosophy and political science from the University of Kansas. 


David Christy, MSW, JD

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